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— Courses in many subject areas

Level Up Your Skills

Scott trains architects, engineers, designers, professionals, hobbyists, and seekers of knowledge. He creates high value courses in many subject areas:
  • CAD / CAD Management / BIM
  • 2D & 3D Animation / Motion Graphics
  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Unity Simulations, Games, and C# Programming
  • iPad Drawing, Painting, and Design Apps
  • Qualitative Geometry aka Sacred Geometry
  • 3D Modeling, Walkthroughs, and Renderings
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— High value learning 

Designed with Learners Like You in Mind

Scott has helped technical professionals like you obtain the training and knowledge they need to create quality deliverables. His real-world teaching experience shows in his thoughtful sequencing of content, so you are presented what you need – precisely when you need it in the learning process.
— Accessible courses for everyone, no experience required
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— Detailed presentations clarify complex concepts
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Creating New Possibilities

Scott consistently delivers quality, contextual, forward thinking content that can transform your career and life.

Quality Content

Staying at the top of your profession means accessing quality online education which makes effective use of your time. Scott can efficiently upgrade your skills.


Operate with confidence by reinforcing concepts and mastering techniques by applying the knowledge gained in Scott's online training.

Forward Thinking

Ongoing education and keeping up with evolving technology never ends. Scott's students receive forward thinking instruction while earning the skills they need.
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