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Scott Onstott

Scott is the author of two dozen books, has taught over a thousand students in brick-and-mortar universities, and his courses have millions of views worldwide. He is a Renaissance human, embracing knowledge in many disparate subject areas.

Scott has a degree in Architecture from the University of California Berkeley, and approaches software through the lens of his design sensibility.
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LinkedIn Learning Courses

Scott's Current Courses in LinkedIn Learning Library

These courses are not available for purchase or subscription on this site, but their thumbnail images are linked so you can jump over to LinkedIn Learning and check them out.
SketchUp Pro:
Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design
Bathroom Remodel
SketchUp Tips
SketchUp: Modeling
Exteriors from Photos
SketchUp: Modeling
Interiors from Photos
SketchUp Pro:
Dynamic Components
Shadow Studies
Advanced 3D Modeling
AutoCAD: Designing Dynamic Blocks
AutoCAD: 3D
Architectural Modeling
AutoCAD 2016:
AutoCAD: 3D
Model Documentation

AutoCAD: Working
with Dimensions
Sheet Sets
AutoCAD 2015:

Scott's Archived Courses at LinkedIn Learning

These courses are they are still available online to those who have already purchased them, but they no longer accept new signups, to make room for newer courses within their library's limited capacity.
SketchUp: Modeling
from Photos
SketchUp: Rendering
with Twilight
SketchUp: Ultimate
Man Cave or She Shed
Tiny House Design
Unity: Architectural
3ds Max: Design
AutoCAD: Surface 3D Model Design
AutoCAD 2013:
Space Planning
AutoCAD 2013:
AutoCAD 2013:
Architectural Drawing
AutoCAD 2013:
3D Modeling

Scott's Legacy Courses

  • Learning SketchUp (InfiniteSkills edition) 7.5 hours
  • Photoshop for Architects (InfiniteSkills edition 20.5 hours)
  • Learning AutoCAD 2013 (video2brain-Wiley partnership, 8 hours)
  • 3ds Max for Architects (20.8 hours)
  • 3ds Max Foundation (13.5 hours)
  • Photoshop for Architects: CS3 Extended Edition (20.5 hours)
  • Photoshop for Architects (5.6 hours)
  • Learning Architectural Desktop 2006 (14.5 hours)
  • AutoCAD 3D Modeling Level 2 (6 hours)
  • Learning AutoCAD 2002 Level 1 (8 hours)
  • Learning Revit 5 (9 hours) DVD-ROM
  • Learning Autodesk VIZ 4 (7.5 hours) CD-ROM
Scott's classic course

3ds Max for Architects

460 Lessons for Free. Educate yourself!

This course was originally published in 2007. Amazingly, this classic is still a great way to learn the fundamentals of 3ds Max today. The core features and software architecture remain the same—some things never change!

Scott has made all 20.8 hours of this course free.
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Scott's Course Publishers

Scott Onstott is a pioneer in the online learning space, having been one of the first in 1998 to create digital courses. He started by teaching over a thousand students face-to-face in brick and mortar universities (Academy of Art University, San Francisco State and UC Berkeley Extension). After refining his in-person teaching methods, he began creating his own digital courses, first on CD-ROM, then on DVDs, and finally to streaming video as technology evolved. His courses continue to be published across multiple disparate platforms.
Scott.Training is his independent publishing venture, removing the layers of friction between corporation and students, so Scott can connect directly with his students, while leveraging state-of-the-art learning technology.

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